Quest for NINE! and why we’re here

13 thoughts on “Quest for NINE! and why we’re here”

    1. Hi Kathi- my site is still a work in progress…thanks for calling that out! You should now be able to see the follow button on the site on the right hand side. Thanks for being our first follower! Go Giants!


  1. Hey John! Who took that photo? I think it would be a good idea to credit the person who shot it. Also, will there be picture galleries? Will you accept photos for the blog from ticket holders, especially your brother? 😉


      1. Ah, you should be able to download a gallery plugin as there are many. Credits are very simple. Something like Photo by John Licata, or perhaps a stock company if that is where it comes from. Actually looks fairly close to my seats!


  2. Hello, John. I enjoy your writing style, your enthusiasm for The G-men and the history you have with them, so I look forward to reading your take on our team in 2015. My history is similar to yours. And I have a very unusual connection with them. I was born the day the Giants played their first game in S.F., beating the Dodgers 6-0. I wish I could say I remember it well, but I was previously engaged! I grew up in Fresno, and also spent may hours listening to Lon Simmons call the games. Among my favorites was having Bobby Bonds lead off the game with Simmons exclaiming, “And you can tell it goodbye!” As a young teen I spent many evenings watching the Fresno Giants play, and at one point all 9 starting positions in S.F. were played by people I saw play in Fresno.

    My grandmother was a big fan, too, and taught me to keep score. I still have my personal scorecard of Ed (Ho Ho) Hiliki’s no-no somewhere. Ironically, I now live in Dodgertown; and while I still “hate” them as only a long-time Giants fan can, I no longer envy their success vs. ours. They have proven it takes more than $ Billions to buy a championship. We now have what they lack.

    I will close with this: I was on a New Year’s cruise to Mexico recently. The Dad of a family we met proudly boasted that his 14 year old son, a lefty, was the next up-and-coming Clayton Kershaw. I replied that I’m a lefty, too, and if I was 14 again I think I’d prefer the post season record (and rings) of another lefty–Madison Bumgarner!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Rick and thanks for sharing your story and very cool connection with the Giants! It’s a pleasure to connect with true fans who really understand the intricacies of the game, as well as it’s rich history. My grandmother (Nana) was also a huge Giants fan and would watch every game on TV in her later years. During the tough seasons, I’ll never forget her screaming at the TV, “stupid Giants!” But her love for the team was infectious and most of my family has enjoyed rooting for the G-men for decades. Love the cruise story as well – we have to maintain bragging rights as long as we can cause eventually, their day will come along. Until then, it’s bye, bye and humm baby!


  3. i look forward to reading your Iants blog. It is a pleasure to read about them from a fan three thousand miles away. Hope you see them play when their in your area.

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  4. Hi, just found your blog. I, too, am a child of the 60s, and was first taken to “The Stick” then. [My early memories included a double-header vs the Mets: the Giants lost the first game, and Willie Mays hit a homer in the 12th to win the second!] I saw a bunch of game at Candlestick into the early 1980s (I grew up in Sacramento) . . . and then I moved far away, all over, for many years. 1989 Earthquake World Series? Portland Oregon (I got home from my job, and “Roseanne” was on, instead of the WS! WTF? A few minutes later, I learned of the quake). 2002 WS? A smalltown in Michigan (Oh, the AGONY!!!!). In-between, in the 90s, I saw the Giants play the Mets (again!) at Shea.

    Finally, after my mom died and my dad needed me, I moved back to Sacramento…in 2010! Oh Glory Days! I’ve renewed my fanaticism since: a few games at AT&T every year [Always inc. a game in late June, when my brother, also a big fan, is in town: last year’s was Timmy’s 2nd No-No! 🙂 ]

    So, glad to meet ya, John! I assume you know about Finnerty’s?

    GO GIANTS!!!

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    1. Great stuff! Yes, lots of games in the cold at Candlestick as well, through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Left the Bay Area in ’97, but have been to a half dozen games at AT & T since. Already have tix to a Mets/Giants game at Citi Field in June. Yes I have been to Finnerty’s a couple of times for Giants and 49ers games. Cool spot in Manhattan for us SF sports fans! Thanks for sharing your story!


  5. Anyone remember the Ray Sedecki for Orlando Cepeda trade? I was a big Cardinal fan then. I moved to California in 1991 and became a Giants fan. The link between the two for me was when Julian Javier named his son Stan in honor of his Cardinal teammate Stan Musial. I can remember it being announced back then. Of course Stan Javier was a player on the Giants when I first became a fan!


    1. Thanks Harry! That’s a great historical anecdote. Orlando Cepeda was one of the great Giants of all time! And Stan Musial was maybe one of the top 5, certainly top 10 players in MLB history. Appreciate your comment.


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