Heston golden, Giants end losing streak

4 thoughts on “Heston golden, Giants end losing streak”

  1. Very good game last night and we won! Heston was terrific! Our offense came to life, and although it could have been better, they scored enough to get us the victory. Hudson will carry us to another victory tonight! Getting those rings last night woke them up, reminded them that they are the world champions, and they needed to prove it! Go Giants!

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    1. Yes, a good game that felt very familiar and comforting…like during my childhood, a warm wash cloth that my grandmother used to wipe my face with at the end of a long afternoon on the ball field.


  2. Heston has shown to be the jolt the team needs. I will be curious to see how he holds up after a couple times through the league. This is the second time the D-Backs faced him and they haven’t solved him yet. Let’s see what the rest of the league can do. It’s all about adjustments, right? Heston is also the only Giants pitcher able to solve D-Backs fellow rookie slugger Lamb.

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