Hudson pounded early, G-men fall 5-1

3 thoughts on “Hudson pounded early, G-men fall 5-1”

  1. Well what can we say. The Giants officially stink right now. We need Hunter Pence back in the line up like right now. He would be driving in some of those RISP. I hate the fact that the Dodgers are in first place and can’t seem to lose. The changes the FO made this year seem to be working for them. Giants didn’t do enough to improve this season. There were other pitchers out there other than Lester or Shields, maybe they should have tried to pick up a lesser pitcher who made still be better than what we are seeing on the mound now. Vogey needs to go, we have no idea what is going on with Cain. I read he hasn’t even picked up a baseball. Hudson doesn’t seem to have the ability to win a game any longer, Madison will be good as soon as he figures it out, and Timmy is a wait and see at this point. Heston seems to be our ace right now. I don’t care about another WS championship, I just want to see some good fun baseball games. This sucks!


    1. This definitely sucks! And I agree the FO didn’t do enough to strengthen the bench or starting pitching, especially with so many question marks about age (Huddy, Peavy), injuries (Cain), and inconsistency (Lincecum). Heston has been a very pleasant surprise and helps offset the age issue some. But overall, this is still a good pitching staff, especially if Cain can return and pitch to form. And Pence’s return definitely improves the outfield defense and offense as well. Hopefully an off day and average opposing pitcher will be just what the doctor ordered for this offense.


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