Giants walk off again, SWEEP Dodgers 

4 thoughts on “Giants walk off again, SWEEP Dodgers ”

  1. That was one heck of a series. I didn’t think we would sweep the LaLa-s, but it was wonderful. Vogey was good enough to keep us in the game. Gonzales can’t hit the ball in a clutch situation, our guys can! Panik was awesome in this series, Pagan as well. Maxwell has it going on and I want to see more of what he can do. Now only if Buster’s bat would come to life, and Pence was back in the lineup! Going to be a tough series at Coors Field as we never play really well there. So let’s go Giants! Let’s win at least 2 of 3.

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  2. The second and third games were so tense! And Mattinglyslowing the game down for reviews and delayed moves was painful to watch. But the G-Men are coming around at the right time! I agree with islandgirl: win 2 of 3 in Colorado and get close to .500 ball. Looking forward to a great season! #GoGiants #BeatTheBoulders

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