Heston proves human, Giants lose to Rockies 6-4

4 thoughts on “Heston proves human, Giants lose to Rockies 6-4”

  1. Good game last night except the wrong team won! We got a lot of hits, but the Rockies just got more! That is a tough park to play in. Hudson doesn’t have a good record there, but just maybe tonight he will pitch well enough to stop those Rockies. Nolan Arenado is such a goof third baseman. McGehee needs to grab some pine for a day or two and sit it out. Put Duffy at third. We can use his bat in the game. Bochy has sat out Belt and Crawford when they are in a slump and it might do the trick for Casey. I am tired of the DP’s! Unless we are the team turning them, I don’t like them at all! So we are back to 4 games back, seems we take one step forward and another step back.

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    1. And such is the game of baseball, kind of like the stock market in that regard. When Cain and Pence return, look for the G-men to string together a couple of long win streaks. Pitching looks like it’s going to be on par with previous winning seasons, and hitting as well. In the meantime, we just need to stay within 7-8 games of the Dodgers.


      1. In McGehee’s defense misses the point that a scorching line drive resulting in a double play was not what the situation called for. Advance the runners, put runners in scoring position, deploy the sacrifice fly, learn to play Giants small ball. Sorry cuz.


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