Lincecum falters, Giants lose opener in L.A.

5 thoughts on “Lincecum falters, Giants lose opener in L.A.”

  1. Let’s hope Madison does well tonight, we need to win at least one of the next two or the Dodger fans will be taunting us for weeks! Just get on the mound and pitch your game Madison. All us fans will be rooting for you. Pagan, Panik, Aoki and Maxwell are bright spots on our team. Buster needs to start knocking those balls around out there and scoring us some runs. Crawford and Belt need to get with it also. Timmy, I am afraid, has not reinvented himself like we had all hoped he would. Vogey against Zack does not fill me with inspiration either. Let’s just win tonight’s game and then think about tomorrow. I think our pitching will be our downfall this season. We haven’t seen Cain at all, and he didn’t pitch much in ST either. I haven’t given up hope, as after winning it all last season when our July/August was horrific, we can do this!

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      1. Giant fans gotta stay strong! Can you get an edit button so we can edit our comments. I always hit post before I notice I’ve said something really dumb! Thanks John!

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