Vogey struggles again, Giants lose 7-3

3 thoughts on “Vogey struggles again, Giants lose 7-3”

  1. I wasn’t the least surprised by Vogelsong’s performance last night. I was not happy when they resigned him, still don’t know why they did that. I think they could have gone after a lesser pitcher, didn’t have to be a Lester or a Shields. Just a pitcher who could get us through 5 or 6 innings without giving up 4 or 5 runs. Vogelsong is done (yes, that is what I think and feel). Bochy says we have to use him…..why not bring up a young guy or two from the minor league and give them a shot and put Vogey back in the BP. No one thought Heston was going to be as good as he is. Time to stop with all the loyalty and signing pitchers because they “did good things for us in the past”. Vogey wasn’t good last year and obviously he isn’t this year. I don’t care about winning another WS, I just want to see some good games played by our boys in orange and black. Let’s go Giants, let’s win against the Angels at home, and then keep rolling in the next 7 games!

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    1. I like the idea of bringing up a starter from Sacramento for a couple of starts, before Peavy or Cain returns, but who’s ready? I have to believe that they’d call someone up if they felt they truly gave the team a better chance of winning than Vogey…


      1. I do not think they could be any worse than Vogey! The only thing I would worry about is a young pitcher losing some confidence in himself if he didn’t ‘t do well.


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