Hudson sharp, G-men beat L.A. again

3 thoughts on “Hudson sharp, G-men beat L.A. again”

  1. Good game yesterday. Very good to see Casey McGehee hitting the ball finally. Maybe I should bad mouth him every morning before the game! Loved the 2 “you can tell that one goodbye” by Crawford and Posey. Very strange ending, but I think Giants would have won anyway. Seems we can’t get through a game without some suspense. Hudson was really great for 8 innings, but the weak link yesterday was our bull pen. Why can’t everything work together to get the job done without that one weak link showing up? But a win is a win and our orange and black is not in last place any longer! Today we see which Timmy shows up. Timmy that can win a game, or the Timmy that has no control and throws them in the dirt or up way too high. GO GIANTS!

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