Timmy delivers, McGehee slams G-men to 6-0 victory

6 thoughts on “Timmy delivers, McGehee slams G-men to 6-0 victory”

  1. Best part of the game last night was seeing Casey hit the grand slam! He really can hit a baseball, and not just into a DP. Timmy looked like Big Time Timmy Jim out there last night, so good to see him throwing well. Buster is beginning to hit, not letting so many good first pitches go by. Pence playing some rehab games in Sac right now, don’t expect him to be there long. Madison pitching tonight should be another good game. Go Giants, just get it done!

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  2. My favorite part of last night was all about McGehee. Pre-game he received Comeback Player of The Year and it was great to see him with his kids. Maybe sitting the last game while others played against his former team stoked a bit of a fire in him. But I just had a feeling he was going to get a hit in that first at bat. And what a hit it was. The interview with Casey after the game was also awesome. He was tearing up a bit. I say fans need to get off this guy’s ass and get on his back! Let’s all ride the Casey McGehee Train!! 🚂

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  3. The Giants are a pitching supported baseball machine. Keep the pitching strong, and we win. Six runs or less is all we get as their less than seven runs scored streak continues. This is Giants baseball at AT&T. This is San Francisco.

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  4. Enjoying the blog. Casey put a smile on all our faces yesterday. Couldn’t be happier for the guy. Good for him! Always dissapointing when a portion of Giants fans boo one of our own at the ballpark so that grandslam was some elixir. Way to go Timmy also!

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