Duffy, Giants win finale in walk-off

5 thoughts on “Duffy, Giants win finale in walk-off”

  1. Bogey continues to surprise me great pitching from here again. I think Duffy will soon be our everyday 3rd baseman as I think his defense and offense is better than McGehee. The walk off was the icing on my cake for Mother’s Day. Will be a tough series against the Astros and Reds.

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    1. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day IG. I don’t think that Boch is ready to give up on the $4M investment in McGehee with less than 20% off the season eclipsed. Duffy is a great guy coming off of the bench as he can handle 3B, SS, and 2B without much drop off defensively. He’s also proven to be a clutch hitter. But would like to see more pop from a starting infielder. He has 4 extra base hits in 66 ABs (6% ratio), McGehee has 5 in 84 ABs (6%), Crawford has 10 in 99 ABs (10%) and Panik has 9 in 109 ABs (8%). The NL average overall this year is 8%.


    2. Dodgers are playing some very good baseball at the moment having won 4 come from behind games so far this young season 2 more than we did in 57 attempts last year as we were a miserable 2 for 57 when trailing any team after the 7th inning. Seems the front office did something right in the off season. Just so you know seeing you live in NY the reason for the Mets colors of Blue and Orange is in honor of the 2 NY teams that left earlier being the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants but Im sure you already know that but leaving it just in case you don’t? Should be a great series they always are nothing better in the whole baseball world than when our 2 teams meet up……If you should like to leave me a note in response I can be reached easily on FB going under Gregory Duncan McLean… take care

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      1. Thanks for the note Gregory. No doubt, the Dodgers have a more explosive offense. On paper, they’re the better team. But that’s also been the case the past five seasons, when the Giants somehow managed to “steal” THREE World Championships. If the Giants somehow manage to win another one this year, it will once again be a fluke, as this team gets no credit from the national media. They just don’t get credit for, and you can’t measure team culture and cohesiveness. Bochy is the best manager in baseball for that reason alone.

        I did know about the story behind the a Mets colors. I’ve only lived in NY three years, but have learned the fans here are very passionate. It’s also interesting that the Mets kept the NY Giants logo too.

        Thanks for the comments Gregory, keep them coming and tell your friends about the blog. Appreciate the support!


  2. I love Vogey. Was so glad he returned to the Giants (and didn’t sign with…the Astros), even though, when he got rocked early on, I was afraid he really might be D-O-N-E. Oh me of little faith!

    Argh, what the Fishes’ lame closer giveth to us, he also gave to friggin’ Blue tonight: another blown save, for another half-game lost in the standings. I hope the Marlins can him (Cishek) before they get swept away by El Lay!

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