G-men strike early, fade late in 4-3 loss

4 thoughts on “G-men strike early, fade late in 4-3 loss”

  1. Good news about last night is that the Doyers also lost, so the Giants didn’t lose any ground. Still 5.5 games back. As long as we stay close we are in good shape. If we can sneak into the PS via a WC that is all we need for another WS championship! We left too many RISP last night. I thought when Crawford got to 2nd base we might come back and win this one but it was not to happen. This team has got to start moving these runners over and getting them across the plate. GO GIANTS…got to kick some red bootie tonight!

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  2. My 2nd comment isn’t here. Looks like we are in 3rd right now. 6 games back. We can’t keep losing ground. Maybe this will make them play harder tonight! Go Giants!


  3. Note to Hudosn: in a two-strike count, NEVER let something soft cross into the heart of the strike zone. Hitters know you are not throwing a fastball by them, so they are sitting on your soft stuff. You might as well say Happy Birthday and Merry friggin’ Christmas when you do. I heard it on KNBRBand could not believe it. I am sure the target was off the plate out of in. And this goes to all the Giants pitchers. Catch part of the plate with something hard in, up or down, but NEVER anything soft. Pitching 101.

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    1. Good advice. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Hudson any longer. He seems to do okay for the first few innings and then begins giving up home runs. He pitches well one game, then loses the next one or two. As much as I like the guy, I think he is smart to be retiring after this season.


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