LA bums arrive: welcome to San Francisco

2 thoughts on “LA bums arrive: welcome to San Francisco”

  1. Thanks for the preview, John. Should be a fantastic series, even without Puig.

    Cardinal Sin (pun intended): you put an “s” after RBI. The stat is RUNS Batted In, and runs is already plural. I am pretty sure this is the first time you have done it this young season. 😉

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    1. Thanks Ron. I actually debated the s after RBI for weeks. You are correct grammatically speaking, and that’s how I’ve used it (without the s) throughout the season. However, after looking at multiple baseball blogs/articles written by many different bloggers/writers, it appears that the standard in the industry is to include the s, as apparently the RBI acronym has become so popular in our language that it’s considered an actual word. Would love to hear what other readers think about this…


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