Giants shut out Dodgers behind Huddy, Posey

5 thoughts on “Giants shut out Dodgers behind Huddy, Posey”

  1. If I remember correctly, all but 2 players, Rollins and the pitcher, have BA over .300. And they couldn’t score 1 run! Great game, and tonight Big Time Timmy Jim takes the mound and I have a feeling he will be great! As long as we win 1 of the next 2, we will be in good shape to overtake those dirty Doyers for 1st place. Go Timmy, Go Giants!

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  2. The bullpen came up big again after Huddy’s gritty performance. And the strike zone was very small, yet consistent. Romo is looking great this year after bouncing back from losing the closer position. He seems to be in 2012 form and that is a good sign for the Gigantes. Let’s hope Timmah has his best stuff again tonight… We know the SnotRocket will to close the series.

    Oh and just have to mention one more thing… Bochy is a class act. Inviting Reds and Dodgers managers on the coaching staff was a brilliant move for the NL All-Star team. Good on ya, Boch!

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