MadBum, Giants SWEEP L.A. (again)

4 thoughts on “MadBum, Giants SWEEP L.A. (again)”

  1. What the Giants are doing right now is truly magical. Its not about the Dodgers or any other team, it’s about a focused group of champions who have found their rhythm. No team, no pitcher wants to face them right now.


    1. Agreed Cousin Vinnie. This has been a very special week indeed. Very rare to witness what we’ve seen this week, factoring in all of the variables. Let’s hope they can ride this one a little longer…


  2. I wanted 2 outta 3 and got a shut out 3 times! Giants playing great baseball right now. Dodgers really stunk it up. Made this gamer babe happy! Madison seemed a little off at first, but as the game wore on he got better. Loved that he hit a bomb off of Kersh! We are 1.5 behind right now, sniffing the Dodgers for first place! I do not like playing in the Rockies park, balls fly out of there easily, and they have a fast infield and balls can act differently there. But I have faith in the orange and black. Go Giants!

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  3. Perhaps the player who MOST impressed me yesterday was Pence. He had an absolutely HORRIBLE BA vs Kershaw (like 4 out of 52?), yet got that opposite field hit, RBI to score (w the help of Angel’s great slide!) to score the Giants 2nd run. Talk about overcoming a demon! 🙂

    Now, to take this show back on the road: come on, Vogey, keep the streak going! Time to pound the Powderhounders! (My bro’s name for Colorado & the Rox)

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