Giants’ rookie Chris Heston fires a no-no! Yes!

7 thoughts on “Giants’ rookie Chris Heston fires a no-no! Yes!”

  1. Aw, man, you weren’t there?! And you call yourself a Giants fan??? ;-p~~~

    I’m just ticked I only saw the first couple of innings on the tube. I left to go to a meeting, but traveled (and ate dinner) w/ Jon&Dave on. Well, I intended to go the meeting! But when Heston was no-no-ing thru 7, I actually told the others gathering for the meeting, “Can’t tear myself away from this game!” So I heard history being made (and Jon’s call of the last out was pretty damn great, so it’s all good).

    But I then sped home to see the post-game—including the press conference w/ Chris (Can I call you Chris now? πŸ˜‰ ), Buster and Boch. What a night! πŸ˜€

    It really IS special to be in the ballpark for one of these though, John. I may have mentioned, that for the annual game that my brother and I see at AT&T right around the time of my dad’s birthday (June 24: date coming up again!), last year that game was a day game, pitched by some guy named Tim Lincecum. History ensued. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Other fun facts:

    * Heston was DFA’d in 2013 (for *barf* Jeff Francouer, who just pestered us in Philly). ANY TEAM COULD HAVE CLAIMED HIM (Yeah, I’m looking at you, all 29 other MLB teams!) But they didn’t, and Heston returned to the Giants minor leagues. The rest is (here’s that word again) history.

    * You mentioned Sandy Koufax above. The only other pitcher to, like Heston tonight, end a no-no by striking out the last 3 outs, was Blue’s Great One in his ’65 Perfecto. Nice company, huh?

    * Boch got his 700th W w/ the Giants tonight. Only 3 other managers have ever gotten 700+ wins w/ two different teams! [Boch had over 900 Ws w/ the Padres. I think the Giants can beat that # before Bochy’s contract expires, don’t you? ;-)]

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  3. What a great game! My heart was in my throat, pounding like crazy, during the bottom of the 9th. Kept repeating “please strike him out, please strike him out!” And he did!
    I was so happy for Heston I could barely speak. What can be said about Panik and Duffy? Our two young rooks lighting it up in the bigs. I hope this can continue for the rest of the season. Who cares about first place? As long as we stay close that is all that counts. Going to be a difficult game tonight against Harvey. Let’s hope Hudson brings his A-game tonight! Go Giants.

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  4. Hey, where are ya, John? You go to bed early?

    So much for the “Dark Knight” *snort*

    Jon Miller re Maxwell’s BOMB: “They usually show a movie on a flight like that!” πŸ˜€

    Now, if only effing Blue would lose…


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