Giants lose ugly, swept by D-Backs

8 thoughts on “Giants lose ugly, swept by D-Backs”

  1. You are completely off the mark on this one, John, for two reasons: 1) You failed to mention the ugly defense behind Heston, which made four errors and several mental ones as we’ll. yes that is FOUR, as in QUATRO. 2) Heston had good stuff all game and had a quality start in my opinion, as I was there to witness it. Six strikeouts and only two earned runs is NOT inconsistent, and way better than what Vogey and Hudson have been dealing lately.

    This is what happens when you only have the opportunity to look at highlights to write your daily Giants blog. πŸ˜‰

    There was also a great Armed Forxes ceremony before the game, and the National Anthem and God Bless America were sung to perfection by a member of the Armed Forces.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Ron. I did mention the ugly defense behind Heston in the title of the article and in the paragraph about the errors. The official box score shows THREE errors as in TRES. How do you characterize Heston’s start as “quality?” He allowed 11 base runners over five innings. Give him credit for keeping the damage under control…I think Heston is having a good rookie season for sure and I’m glad he’s on the Giants, but anyone following this team would agree that he’s been inconsistent all year. And not sure how to respond to your comment about writing games from highlights and game summaries… what do you suggest? I’m a San Francisco Fan living in New York.


      1. Sorry, you are right. I missed the first sentence of the paragraph about the errors. But while Heston was not perfect, calling it inconsistent when it was a quality start for him is incorrect. If Bumgarner doesn’t come with his best start, strikes out six and only gives up two earned rusn, I believe you would give him mmore rope, and possibly even state that ohter than four walks it was a good outing all around,

        Biggest problem all series was no bats, but definitely an ugly game from defensive side of the equation.

        And one more thing… you should have mentioned that it is Timmy’s birthday today!! πŸ™‚


      2. Sorry if it wasn’t clear, but my point regarding inconsistency and Heston was that he’s inconsistent from one start to the next. The comment wasn’t about this one start. Let’s see if Huddy can get them back on the winning trajectory.


  2. Maybe the June swoon is only happening at home, most of the season so far. This series was just plain old embarrassing. Seems like when Pence goes down, so goes the team. Is not being able to hit the ball for an RBI catching? Can it be passed from one player to the next? It appears so! I don’t think Heston was that bad, our offense sukked big time during this 3 game series. Now onto the Mariners. I will be at the game on Wednesday, 6/17 in Seattle. It is an away game, so let’s hope the Giants play up to their abilities. I just don’t get how we can sweep the Dodgers in our park, yet we can’t beat the D’backs. We need to stay close in the standings if we want to obtain a WC spot! Go Giants!

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  3. Whew! Glad that furking Streak is over! As a fairweather blog reader, I’m finally back here now. Timmy and Duffy and…McGehee? Hey, whatever it takes! ;-/ Now, back to the comforts (!) of the road…

    Since we’re doing a “Look for me” thing, my brother and I will be in the stands (at now *winning* AT&T Park) when the Gmen get back next Tues (vs Pod People). (*) MadBum will be pitching (I think & hope!) after an EXTRA day of rest, so I’m hoping for Big Things! πŸ™‚

    (*) Nosebleed seats, of course. ;-p~~~

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