MadBum outdueled, Giants lose 2-0

2 thoughts on “MadBum outdueled, Giants lose 2-0”

  1. I was at this game Wednesday night. Madison pitched a very good game, but his teammates basically blew it for him. Crawford in the overthrow to first base and Pagan who should have caught they ball out in center field. Plus the Mariner fans are not nice….every time something happened they would all stand up and continue standing and I couldn’t even see what was going on. I didn’t see any of the top of the 9th inning at all. So never again will I go watch a game in that ball park. At $160 a ticket it was not enjoyable! We got our payback Thursday night though with our 7-0 win and the Dodgers only won because of a balk. Hope the Giants perform well tonight.

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    1. Craw’s errant throw hurt, but you understand why he made it (when he shouldn’t have thrown it at all): he was trying to preserve what, at that point, was a Perfecto. Bum’s still going to be an All-Star—and that would be true even IF the NL Manager weren’t You-Know(WeWorshipYou)-Who!

      Good Lord, that ballpark kills WAY more homers than AT&T: didn’t think that was possible…

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