Vogey strong, Giants’ offense erupts in win

3 thoughts on “Vogey strong, Giants’ offense erupts in win”

  1. Duffy is quickly becoming my favorite player. For a guy that skips the AAA and comes straight to the bigs, he is absolutely awesome as a player! He really has a good baseball head on him! We are 2.5 games back, and we need to take 2 outta 3 in this series. Go Giants?

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      1. At the last AT&T game (Timmy’s on Tuesday), there was a guy dressed as “Duff Man” (the Simpsons character, who shills Duff Beer) in the stands (everytime Duffy did something good, he would stand up and flex). Now that *character* is undoubtedly on ‘roids! ;-p

        Oy vey: Mo’ Pitchers, Mo’ Problems. Have you seen Peavy’s AAA stats in (my burg) Sacto? They are NOTHING to write home about. The idea of booting Vogey—ANY of the current 5, really—to the pen, for Peavy, is ridic (IMHO). Frankly, I just wonder if, real or declared, Peavy’s “back flares up” again. I could be wrong, but I think Cain’s post ASG return will be the factor that actually rearranges the rotation—and by that time, maybe there will be more clarity. Still think Timmy is the one of the current 5 *most* flirting w/ disaster. But I worry that Old Man Huddy will get gassed in the 2nd half, too. More will be revealed…

        BEAT EL LAY!


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