Huddy’s strong effort, Giants’ power, beat L.A.

4 thoughts on “Huddy’s strong effort, Giants’ power, beat L.A.”

  1. Very excited for tonight’s game. Timmy has a winning record overall against the LaLas, so let’s hope his winning ways continue tonight at the Latrine. I think Anderson is pitching for the Doyers, going to be an interesting game. Giants always seem to play better against the blue boys. Go Giants. Make me get my broom out!

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  2. How long have you been a giant fan John? These games goes back and forth each season so SF is ahead this year its just the way it goes certainly no need for Dodgers to panic after all your club won the 1st 6 out of 8 games I think it was last year but the Dodgers came back strong to take the precious 10 game at the end of the series …Back n forth it goes…

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    1. Thanks for your comment Greg. Great to have a Dodger fan following the blog! I’ve been a Giants fan for about 47 years, since 1968 when I was four years old, surviving the chilly elements out at Candlestick (read my blog titled Quest for Nine).

      How long have you been a Dodgers fan?


  3. Great record on the road. Hudson is still great when he can keep the ball down. It might be a good thing having Peavy and Matt coming back to the rotation as it will give the Giants the option of sitting Hudson down for a few starts so he will be effective later in the season. Now just win one more game against the Dodgers and get home and start playing well at AT&T.

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