Duffy, Posey, Susac propel Giants to victory

6 thoughts on “Duffy, Posey, Susac propel Giants to victory”

  1. Not worried about the standings at this point in time. Dodgers aren’t doing anything outstanding. Kershaw has lost his last 3 starts, and Greinke 4 out of his last six. Giants are in good shape at this point. Great game yesterday for Duffy, Susac and Posey. Even with Aoki an Pence out, we are still winning enough games to stay close in the standings. Madison on the mound today, and it should be a good game. It is time for us to improve our wins at home. We need to keep Susac in the game as he is hot right now. But that means playing Buster at 1st. Wonder what the line up will look like today. Madiosn usually has Buster catching and Susac doesn’t play another position.


  2. Interesting about akin scum moving to bull pen. Although Peavy is coming back, he was shelled in his rehab start. Not sure how much he has left in the tank, so it will be interesting to see what Bochy will do in the second half if both Peavy and Lincecum are struggling.

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  3. I feel that Timmy may have started his last game as SF Giant. I honestly feel he does better from the bullpen when he does not have 5 days to think or dwell on his next start. He does much better coming out of the bullpen when he does not have so much time to think because I think most of his pitching problems are between the ears.

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