MadBum, Duffy flex muscles, G-men win 6-3

3 thoughts on “MadBum, Duffy flex muscles, G-men win 6-3”

  1. Grumble, grumble, they should have won Bum’s start when we were there (6/23, w 14K), grumble, grumble. ;-/

    That foul call was total BS: Ramos was in FAIR territory when the ball clanged off his glove (it likely would have been a dbl, but then we would have been talking about “Better Than a Cycle!”)

    Vogey tomorrow, Heston on Wed . . . and then Cainer on Thurs! (morning game for us out here). I’m so excited to see “The Horse” on the mound again, I can’t even tell you…

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  2. Off-topic: cuz I’m just so damn curious, I’ve been wondering about your banner picture. Though I didn’t notice it immediately, the most obvious thing is that it was taken in either 2011 or 2012: only won WS banner on the left field wall! The next thing: after blowing it up, I can tell they’re playing the Snakes (aka Arizona Diamondbacks) . . . and in the top of the 7th, they seem to be LOSING! (5-1, if I’m reading right). Which leads me to GUESS that it’s 2011 (the year the Snakes won the NL West). Ta-da! Now John, can you tell us any more about the pic?

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