Boch, Vogey tossed as G-men lose sixth straight

One thought on “Boch, Vogey tossed as G-men lose sixth straight”

  1. Well this is why it is so hard to repeat after winning a World Series. Now for the first time in a very long time the bull pen is struggling and has some injury problems, because of all the extra games and extra innings of the playoffs. Botchy has had to use the bull pen way more than he wanted to at this point of the season I’m sure. Also when you think about this, with Aoki and his bat is being replaced by Blanco (and he actually has been a blessing because he has really stepped it up) but he is no lead off hitter like Aoki. And Pence and his bat is which he can bat anywhere in the order from 2nd to 5th is being replaced by a number 8 hitter Maxwell which at this point Maxwell would not even sniff any higher in anybodies order than 8th. So we can only hope that the Giants do not fall to far behind in the standings before Aoki and Pence can get back in the order. When that happens it will change everything. I think when the trade deadline comes I see the Giants looking to get a player with a big bat who is an outfielder unless Pagan snaps out of his slump in a big way. Knowing how this team manages the pitching staff I think they will be ok when the time comes to make a push for the playoffs. GO GIANTS !!!

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