G-men muscle up with four HRs, go extra in win over Texas

3 thoughts on “G-men muscle up with four HRs, go extra in win over Texas”

  1. You’re right about this win. We saw a team comeback on the road, and the offense lit up the dugout. Great thing about watching games like these: you can see the chemistry building between the players.
    Nori was on the fence cheering them on. I can’t wait for him to come back. It won’t be soon enough, as Pagan is not doing his job, offensively or defensively. Blanco should get extra starts and Bochy should give Angel a couple of games off.
    Home plate umpiring: There were more than a dozen pitches that could have been called strikes while Heston was on the mound, and I could see them affecting his performance. He did well not to lose it with that inconsistent zone.
    Good call on Leake. Glad he has gone deep in last several starts. And if he gets the sort of support he got from the Reds’ offense, the G-Men should be able to wrap up in Texas with a series win.

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  2. Oy vey, yesterday, the Good Pence: (game tying hit! game winning hr!), today the Bad Pence (game losing double-play). We knew this roadtrip was going to be killer. As much as I want to WIN every series, I admit I’ll be satisfied w/ a break-even (w 7 games left of 10, need to win at least 4 more). Onto Hotlanta: come on, Cainer! Need a bounceback!

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