Pitching fails, Giants lose in 12

3 thoughts on “Pitching fails, Giants lose in 12”

  1. That was just about the most horrible game I have ever witnessed. I don’t think Cain is going to return to what he was. Casilla is not a closer, he needs to go. They need to bring Osich back up, he gave up very few runs when he was pitching from the BP. We need Panik back in there as soon as he is able. Very happy with Tomlinson, let’s hope he turns into another Duffy. Our young guys are doing fine, it’s the old veterans we need to let go.
    Cain, Affeldt, Casilla, even Petit is not as effective as he was. Maybe Vogelsong isn’t the answer for long relief, or even short. Seems to me he was better in the starting rotation.
    Let’s hope they can pull out a victory tonight.

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  2. Yes, this game was like a strong kick to the ‘nads . . . but it was just one game. They bounced back to take the series! Their comeback to win game 2 showed their resilience, and w/ Bum on the mound today, there was just NO WAY he was going to let them lose! [Great performance by da kids today: Adrianza finding his stroke, Kelby Tomlinson (Who he?!) banging out RBIs, and USA Today (!) featured star Matt Duffy Man (, Duff), he feels indispensable already! 😀 Just hopin’ our other infield “kid”, Joe Panik, has his inflamed back calm down soon… ]


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