Giants’ rally falls short again, lose third straight to Chicago

5 thoughts on “Giants’ rally falls short again, lose third straight to Chicago”

  1. Pitchers that need to go: Timmy L, Casilla, Affeldt, Hudson, Vogelsong, Petit. Not sure if Cain will ever be The Horse again, but they owe him too much money at this point. They need to clean house at the end of this season and get some new blood in our pitching staff. Heston’s last 2 starts have been shaky. We only have Madison, who hasn’t been as good as he was last season, and Peavy, who continues to surprise me, and Heston right now. 3 pitchers and not sure about 2 of them being really good for the remainder of the season. As much as I hate to say it, doesn’t look like the Giants are going to make it to the PS this year. Maybe the Dodgers will continue to lose……

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  2. The Giants must scour the waiver wires for pitching…sad but obvious. Perhaps Hudson will be able to start soon and replace Cain. Cain is done. The past is just that and he is not close to being what he was. The fact that their pitching has struggled in Chicago is not the end of their season. The Bucs have helped by whipping the Bums. Now it is time for Peavy to show how truly tough he is. The Giants must get 7 strong innings today and Bochy must play small ball when needed. The Giants win today they salvage a disaster Day off Monday and then they pull themselves together for a week at home. They need to win 5 of 6 there. Play .500 ball in St. Lou. and Pitt and head home again. Giants have had misery in Pitts. and while the Bucs are locked into the 1st WC the Giants are looking like they must win the West to make the post season. A damn shame to waste the hitting they have been getting, Chi being an exception, but the season is far from over. Todays game is a must win. For a team that rarely does well in getaway games on the road the task is major. Peavy is a great competitor and while Arrieta has been great the Giants must overcome him and the Cubs to head home while staying alive. One other point. Just how important is Joe Panik to this team??

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  3. Oy vey, the gloom and doom here! Well of course, the Giants DID lose that final game (despite another gutty performance by Jake “My apologies for underestimating you” Peavy), but that STILL didn’t make it the End-of-the-World [Check out Ann Killion’s column at SFGate (aka “Chron Sporting Green Online”)]

    That said, GREAT stop-job tonight by a dominant Bum. And Belt brought his hot-streak home w/ him! Didja all see Sunday night’s final LA-Buccos game? Blue is still VERY beatable! The End is NOT nigh. Not even close. Keep the faith!

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    1. Appreciate the optimism tgflux! Totally agree. It’s 162 games, a marathon. Can’t get too high or low for any series, or road trip for that matter! The G-men are still very much in it – for the division title AND/OR a wild card slot. Need to get a healthy Panik and Pagan back for the stretch run and relief pitchers need to pitch with confidence and swagger from here on out!


  4. Hey John, where are ya? I was at last night’s game (some friends offered me a ticket just the day before—Hell Yes I’d love to go!). The lower box seats up the left field line had me craning my neck (w/ binoculars) to see home plate, but gave me a GREAT view of Duffy’s hr to left!

    It was really touch&go after Cain got swamped in the 5th: after (that bozo) Harper’s 3r hr, cutting the lead to 6-5, I had a horrible deja vu of that awful Atlanta game (you know the one). But THIS time, the pen held on! A couple of insurance runs helped BIG time (Blanco, in particular, had an OUTSTANDING game, inc a finger-tip slide at the plate: SAFE!). Just a wonderful Orange Friday win all around. Go Jake, let’s take this series against the annoying Nats today. GO GIANTS!!!

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