Giants’ offense remains hot in 12-6 win over Nats

3 thoughts on “Giants’ offense remains hot in 12-6 win over Nats”

  1. One can’t help to admire the way Manager Bochy has handled this team with all the injuries this season. The entire starting OF was out at one point this summer and Aoki is still out and Pagan is nursing an injury as well right now. The starting pitchers with the exception of Bum and the rookie, Heston, have all been hurt. Bochy has probably been too loyal to his vets and management is reluctant to bring up younger pitchers so starting pitching will continue to be hit and miss. It really puts an awful lot of pressure on the offense to score a lot of runs when your starters have ERA’s ranging from 4.50 to more than 6! But this team has a way of hanging in there. If they somehow manage a deep playoff run this will be Bochy’s greatest achievement even beyond the 3 world series wins, given all the injuries!

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  2. After several years of the archtypical Giants win being 1-0 or 2-1, it’s amazing to see wins w/ 5 runs, 8 runs, 12 runs!

    …but however they win, I’ll take it [Once again, I’m a day ahead, but today’s (SWEEEPING!) win over the Nats may have been Bum’s Best (Regular Season) Performance EVAH, w/ CGSO, 3 hits, 14 Ks (all against the team that most recently beat him on 4 July AND last post-season) . . . AND a booming HR! :-D]

    Onto St Louis, let’s give dem Red Boyds da blues…

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